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29 January 2011 @ 07:58 pm
Personal Loved List
Includes trades, which may change at any time.
blissful, Nancy
blizzardskies, Blizzee
cuppykate, CupKate
daynavon, Dayna
fairytale, Vanessa
holy_cats, Andrea
sexaybeba, Meredith
misskelleen, Kelleen
rockgirl182, Kimberly
tsukisagi, Tsukisagi
verito_s, Verito
Makers at glitterfuls

Paid Loved List
Spots are permanent, unless otherwise noted.
blueabsinthe, Karen
dissociative, Beth
iheartnickcath, Lynn
jaynedahmer, Melissa
jetcas, Emily
jovi_diva, Crystal
ladyofavalon77, Jessica
pixie_ecstasy, Bailey

Paid loved list spots are no longer being offered, but may become available in the future. I'm only recently back into the swing of things and want to reach a stable pace first. If you're interested in personal requests, just send me a message with what you have in mind for a price quote.

My freebie offers can be found at candycreations & glitterfuls.